Saudi Arabia Regions | 13 Provinces of Saudi Arabia

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13 Regions of Saudi Arabia are unique. This article is about 13 Saudi Arabia Regions. In this article we are trying to provide you the general characteristics of provinces of Saudi Arabia. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

13 Saudi Arabia Regions

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is largely known for its desert environment. Although desert represents bulk of the vast area, its geographic terrain is rich in diversity. There are mountains, plains and plateaus, and long coastline along the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. There are oases dotting the desert, gushing springs in the mountains, coral islands around its seas. Sprawling countryside with date orchards border Kingdom’s cities and towns. Such a diversity in due time, has generated a growing interest in tourism in Saudi Arabia, both in the people from outside the Kingdom and the local residents, who frequent these locations to enjoy the rich diversity.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an area of about 2,149,690 (≈ 2.15 million) square kilometers. Its population in 2011 had reached 28,376,355. Occupying 80% of the Arabian Peninsula it lies between latitude 16° and 33° North, and longitude 34° and 56° East.

Administratively, the Kingdom is divided into 13 provinces or regions. Those Saudi Arabia provinces or Saudi Arabia regions are Riyadh Region, Makkah Region, Madinah Region, Eastern Region, Asir Region, Baha Region, The Northern Border Region, Al Jouf Region, Qassim Region, Hail Region, Jazan Region, Najran Region and Tabuk Region.

Riyadh Region

Riyadh is province of Saudi Arabia which is the administrative center of the government and the capital of the Kingdom, Riyadh Region has thriving commercial centers and sophisticated financial institutions. Here is where urban life and cultural heritage combine to create an exciting atmosphere of modern life together with traditional authenticity. A diverse natural environment comprised of rural settings, vibrant valleys, varied mountains and golden sands surround the Riyadh Region.

Qassim Province

This area combines the sands of the Nafud desert and the surrounding greenery of the countryside with an abundance of water and towering Palm trees. In addition, the finest of the dates in the world are produced here. Qassim is versatile in its heritage, nature, and traditional handicrafts. Its historical and cultural richness and unique festivals makes it rich in tourism.

Hail Province

It is a place of authentic generosity and hospitality, and the home of the legendary Hatim Al-Tai (a man best known for his generosity and hospitality among the ancient Arabs). Hail is considered the flower, the sweet spring water from the nearby Mount Aja. Here, you can spend hours at night staring at the most beautiful hills and the Golden sands of the desert.

Tabuk Regions

Tabuk is a gateway to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the north-west. It is a city of palaces and castles. Here you will discover a land with diverse nature and beautiful coastlines and stunning islands that are bound by the sea waves and spectacular coral reefs.

Eastern Region

It is the largest administrative region and the center of petroleum industry in the Kingdom. It also has most beautiful parks and beaches. Great colors for the province are drawn from its seas, date palm trees and water springs. It combines vivacious sea, stunning beaches, green oases, and panoramic desert views.

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Madinah Province

Blessed Madinah is the city of Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him). This is where he lived and where he built his mosque, which houses Prophet’s tomb and of his two companions. It is a place of peace and tranquility. Several archeological, historical and battle sites famous in the history of Islam are located here. Cultural heritage, museums, extensive palm plantations and popular traditional Souks characterize Al Madinah.

Makkah Region

This is the Jewel of the Arabs and Islamic civilization and, it is distinguished for its religious landmarks, towering mountains, traditional Souks and for enchanting tourism diversity. It has a rich and vibrant culture that is further enhanced by the changing mosaic of different global cultures that arrive, thrive and leave their impacts.

Jazan Region

Jazan Region is the treasure of nature and Pearl of the Southern Arabia. It has a magnificent countryside, high mountains that are covered in green from which beautiful waterfalls descend into the lakes below. Equally beautiful are the region’s many pristine beaches and islands.

Najran Region

Najran is the region of history and civilization. It is replete with historical diversity, heritage buildings, scenic natural reserves, numerous parks, recreational cities and traditional markets.

Al Baha Province

Here, you will be fascinated by the magic of pristine nature, rain that envelope the high mountains and green valleys, and the gentle breeze blowing steadily in the region. There are many natural tourist resources, as well as the architectural heritage and traditional arts and crafts, and heritage buildings here.

Asir Region

Asir Region is one of the most beautiful areas in the Kingdom with very moderate climate throughout the year. From towering mountains to flat plains and the green landscape are unique and interesting. Changing colors of the nature are always prevalent here with beautiful sea, peaceful coastline and rich scenic features that characterize this region.

Al Jouf Province

An olive oil resort and a place of ecological diversity. The cultural heritage here is sure to meet your expectations, including its distinctive handicrafts. Aljouf region’s strategic location makes it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations.

Northern Borders Province

This province is full of historical monuments and sites, natural parks, and vast pastures. In addition, due to its location, it has been recognized since ancient times as the Northern Gate of the Arabian Peninsula.

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