22 Singapore Tourist Spots : Best Spots You will Love

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Singapore is a small country in South East Asia. Although it’s very small, Singapore is actually clean and beautiful. The government takes care of the land and the people very well. There are so many Singapore Tourist Spots you can visit. Check them out :

1. Merlion Park
Merlion is a statue of Lion-Headed Fish. This is the symbol of Singapore. The word “Merlion” is from “Mermaid” and “Lion”. This Park is open for 24 hours. This is the most iconic spot of 22 Singapore tourist spots

Merlion PArk - Singapore tourist spots

2. Universal Studio
Universal Studio is a kind of amusement park which is arranged uniquely. In holiday, the ticket can be around USD 100 for adult visitor.

Universal-Studios Singapore tourism spots

3. Orchard Road
Orchad road is a name of a famous road in Singapore. This is the place where you can shop. You can reach this spot by using MRT.

Orchard-Road-2 Singapore tourism spots

4. Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island is located in separate island near Singapore. You can reach this island by using MRT, or simply walk there. In this area you can find nice beach, hotel, spa, restaurant, shopping spots, golf area and many more.

Sentosa-Island-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore tourist spots

5. Bugis Street
Bugis street is a shopping area or market in which you can find cheaper things, if you compare to Orchad Road. It’s located around 50 meter from Bugis Station. It’s the biggest market in Singapore.

Bugis-Street-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

6. China Town
Well, among all of Singapore tourist spots, this is a special place in Singapore where you can feel China atmosphere. Everything in this spot is in Chinese Style. The most unique thing about this place is the food.

Chinatown-Singapura-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

7. Little India
If China Town is for Chinese. Little India is for Indians. You can find so many Indian things in this area. You can find Indian perfumes, fortune tellers, Indian foods and many more.

Little-India-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

8. Arab Street
After you find China Town and Little India, you can find also Arab Street. This is the center of Islamic activity in Singapore. You can find arabic merchandise in this area. The foods in this area is inshaAllah HALAL.

Arab-Street-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

9. Haw Par Villa
This is where you can find around 1000 statue of Chinese history. The statue shows stories. Some of them are about hell and this is quite scary. If you come here, it’s free.

Haw-Par-Villa-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

10. Raffles Landing Site
This is a historical site for Raffles, the founder of Singapore. You can learn about Singapore history here.

Raffless-Landing-Site-24 singapore tourist spots

11. Esplanade
It’s located near Merlion Statue. Esplanade is a center for art shows. It’s really beautiful in the night.

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Esplanade-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

12. Garden by the Bay
Among all Singapore tourist spots, this is the most romantic. It’s unique garden near Marina Bay. This place contains artificial trees made by steel. The function of these stucture is to keep the water of the falling rain. When the night come, they shine beautifully. In this area, you can find Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

Gardens-by-The-Bay 24 singapore tourist spots

13. Singapore Flyer
It’s really nice to be here. If you ride this thing, you can see how beautiful Singapore is.

Singapore-Flyer-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

14. Henderson Waves Bridge
This is a unique bridge in Singapore. This bridge is only for pedestrians. When the night come, this bridge is really beautiful.

Henderson-Waves-Bridge-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

15. Marina Bay Sands
It’s the icon of modern Singapore tourism. This was built in 2010. You can find various modern entertainments here.

Marina-Bay-Sands-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

16. Helix Bridge
Helix Bridge is a beautiful and elegan bridge with 280 meters length. This is the longest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. It’s very beautiful in the night.

Helix-Bridge-24 singapore tourist spots

17. Art Science Moseum
It’s a moseum located in Marina Bay Sands. The building shape is unique. This is for international art shows.

Art-Science-Museum-24 singapore tourist spots

18. Singapore Botanical Garden
Its area is around 74 ha. It open on 5 o’clock in the morning. This is a beautiful garden. The ticket is around USD 5.

Singapore-Botanical-Gardens-24 singapore tourist spots

19. Singapore River
In this area, you can enjoy Singapore River Cruise. The ticket is around USD 25.

Singapore-River-24 singapore tourist spots

20. Singapore Zoo
If you are with your family, this place is excelent to visit. The ticket is around USD 25 per person.

Singapore-Zoo-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

21. Jurong Bird Park
It has around 8000 birds from 600 different species. You can have a photograph with the birds and feed them. The ticket is around USD 20.

Jurong-Bird-Park-24 tourism places to visit in Singapore

22. Masjid Sultan
Masjid Sultan is a historical mosque in Kampung Glam, Singapore. This was the place where ancient Indonesian traders stay in Singapore. This place open for everyone.

Masjid-Sultan-24 singapore tourist spots

Singapore Government Website is http://www.gov.sg/ . Singapore is a nice place to visit. There are so many Singapore Tourist Spots to visit. For more information, please subscribe.

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