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Tourist Places in Saudi Arabia | There are many historical and famous places in Saudi Arabia This will let you know the 5 most recommended famous historical tourist places in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an important country in the history of the world. Saudi Arabia is specifically important in the history of Islam. There are many important things in the world history, happen in Saudi Arabia. There are many important places in Saudi Arabia. Above all of things that really nice and many popular places in Saudi Arabia, there are 5 Famous Tourist Places in Saudi Arabia that you should visit.

Below are 5 Historical Tourist Places in Saudi Arabia

Balad of Jeddah

balad city jeddah tourist places in saudi arabia

Jeddah has been a major trade port for thousand years. Jeddah is the gateway for Muslim Pilgrims to travel to Makkah and Madinah. This City is a multicultural city. This is because there are so many tourists come in frequently. Jeddah has a unique Hijazi Architecture. The Balad is the center of the Hijazi Architecture. There are many ancient architecture can be found. One of them is Masjid Syafii which is build at the time of Khalifah Umar.

King Fahd Fountain, Jeddah.

king fahd fountain tourist places in saudi arabia

This fountain is located in the end of Falastin Street in Jeddah. This is the tallest fountain in the world. You can read the details information about King Fahd Fountain by clicking HERE. This fountain only works at night. It throws aroun seven tons of water into the air at nozzle speed nearly 200 kms per hour. The water reaches around 260 meters high.

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Madain Saleh.

madain saleh tourist places in saudi arabia

Madain Saleh is actually forbidden area for all muslims. It is a doomed city of prophet Saleh AS. This area is really famous since it is mentioned in the Quran. The area is empty and deserted by its citizen. Around two thousand years ago, this city was the home of Nabataen Kingdom. This kingdom was known as its smart citizen. It is one of the world heritage sites.

Masjid Nabawi, Madinah.

masjid nabawi madinah tourist places in saudi arabia

This Masjid is located in Madinah. This Masjid is originally built by the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In this masjid, you will find the place where Prophet Muhammad is buried after dead. Only Muslim can enter Madinah City.

Masjid Haram, Makkah.

masjid haram makkah tourist places in saudi arabia

This Masjid is located in Makkah. It is the biggest masjid in the world. This is a place where muslims can perform umrah. It is part of hajj location also. To enter Makkah, you have to be muslim. In this masjid, there is Zamzam well which is built by Prophet Ibrahim. This is the most precious place for muslim in the world.

Have you ever been in those Historical Tourist Places in Saudi Arabia (Except Madain Saleh :-D )? If not, then I want to suggest you to go there. They are amazing. It worths to visit.

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