6 Factors to Avoid Failed Paint Work

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Have you ever seen a Failed Paint Work. I have seen it. In fact, I have seen so many Failed Paint Works in several building. This Failed Paint Work was caused by several things.

6 ThingsĀ that cause Failed Paint Work :

Water or Moisture.

If in the building there is leakage, you should fix it soon. This water leakage will make the paint separated from the surface of a material. Let us say that there is hand rail for outside stairs, the paint will separate from the steel faster when it is hitted by rain. So, avoid the paint from water as much as you can.

Dust or Dirt.

Before applying paint into a certain material, you should clean the material surface first. If there are any dust trapped inside the paint layer, this will be not good for the quality of the paint.


Avoid applying paint when the temperature is extremely high or extremely low. This can seriously do some effects to the paint work.

Salt and Alkalies.

Salt and Alkalies are not good if they touch oil paints. So, avoid them as much as you can.

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Low Quality Paint.

Sometimes people purchase low quality paint. This absolutely not a good idea if you want to avoid Failed Paint Work seriously. Low quality paint will only separate from the material surface easily.

Bad Skill in Painting.

When you choose a painter, you should test them in other materials. If you pick up wrong painter for your house, the result will be bad. Never play with this.

Those 6 Things that cause Failed Paint Work are not all, but at least if you can void them, you can have your paint work nice. Purchasing more for painting is a good “investment“. A house paint quality will affect the psychological condition of the dwellers.

6 factors to avoid failed paint work

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