9 Tips for Traveling to Saudi arabia

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This article is about 9 Tips for Traveling to Saudi arabia. In this article we are trying to provide you complete information about 9 Tips for Traveling to Saudi arabia. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

9 Tips for Traveling to Saudi arabia

9 Tips for Traveling to Saudi arabia

Practice Modesty at All Times

Modesty is very important in Saudi Arabia. Women especially should take care to dress appropriately. All women should wear an abaya in public. This full-length garment goes over your outfit, which should itself be very modest. While a head scarf is not strictly required, wearing one will show a greater respect for the local culture and may help you avoid confrontations.

Men should wear full-length trousers. All shirts should have sleeves, though men can wear short sleeves. While dressing conservatively is more important for women, men should observe the local dress codes as well.

Understand and Respect Local Customs

Though it may seem strange to a foreigner, there are many restrictions placed on women in Saudi Arabia. Women cannot travel alone. It’s advisable for all visitors to travel with a friend or partner. Women may not drive, either. Men and women are kept separate in many social situations and women aren’t permitted to enter certain establishments. Prepare yourself for these restrictions ahead of time and research the locations that you plan to visit.

As you approach various locations, keep in mind that there are often separate entrances for men and women. Locations such as beaches and amusement parks may keep different hours for men and women, so plan accordingly.

Know the Photographing Restrictions

You’ll encounter some restrictions on the things you can photograph in Saudi Arabia. Items that you may not take pictures of include:

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  • Government buildings
  • Airports
  • Muslim women
  • Military installations
  • Palaces

Interact Politely With Locals

It’s appropriate to shake hands in greeting and as a farewell with locals. Kissing while greeting, as Europeans often do, isn’t permitted. Saudis stand very close to each other when in conversation, particularly when the people are the same sex. Don’t back away while others are speaking to you, or they may perceive the distance as an insult.

Watch How You Interact With Your Party

It’s important to note that Saudis don’t hold hands, link arms, or take part in public displays of affection between individuals of opposite sexes. Maintain the appropriate distance, even if you’re traveling with your spouse or partner. Homosexual relationships are forbidden in this country.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Heavy rains and flooding, likely between November and February, have caused serious damage in recent years. If you’re planning to visit during this time, keep a close eye on the weather reports and follow any precautions provided to you when facing an impending storm.

Tip Regularly

Tipping is a considerate practice in Saudi Arabia. It’s generally recommended that you tip about 10 percent for waiters, taxi drivers, and other service professionals. Your hotel may have a service charge included so you don’t always have to tip for room rental in Saudi Arabia.

Watch the Water

You should avoid tap water for any kind of internal use in Saudi Arabia. Use bottled water for drinking, brushing your teeth, and cooking. Hotel pools are a safe place for a swim, but you should avoid freshwater pools, since they may contain Bilharzia — a parasite.

Arrange for Travel Insurance

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia is generally good, but you’ll incur major expenses if you’re not properly insured. Talk to your insurance provider before you leave to determine if you have any coverage outside the country. Most travelers find that they need to get travelers insurance for adequate coverage.

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