AATOMO Plasboard Features : Green Concept Plywood

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This article is about AATOMO Plasboard with Green Concept Panel, a replacement plywood. This plywood product is made by AATOMO. This company is dedicated itself to contribute in Green Construction. The original product name of this product is “AATOMO Plasboard”. Aatomo Plasboard is replacement of wood panel materials used in construction industry.

Aatomo Plasboard reduces the use of timber materials thus saving cost, time, labor, energy and disposal fees on al projects it is used with. This product can be reused many times over. Aatomo Plasboard replacement plywood is recyclable product. This will re enforce the green concept and environmental impact for the future.

The advantages of the uses of Aatomo Plasboard composite plywood are :

  1. 50 times of usage which means Cost & labor savings.
  2. 1 Year Guarantee, against panel de-lamination.
  3. No Release Agent Required, on slab formwork, saving cost, time, our environment & labor.
  4. In Stock Specialized Cut, to-Size, from a minimum length of 100mm to a maximum of 3600mm.
  5. 100% Waterproof, In either salt or freshwater.
  6. Termite & Fungus, resistant & free.
  7. GREEN Labeling of the Product, Certified by Singapore Environment Council (Certification No : 041-021)
  8. GREEN Building Index, Green point scoring.
  9. IBS System Component, Certified by CIDB Malaysia.
  10. Buyback Trade In (ABTI), Make money on its disposability & recyclability.
  11. Added Time Productivity, By easy dismantling, preparation for painting & skim coating.
  12. User Friendly, Multifunctional in combinations with timber, metal, aluminum, galvanized, girder systems.
  13. Can be Nailed, Screwed, Drilled and Sawed, With the same tools as plywood.
  14. Not restricted to just 4’ x 8’, Making form working parts easy to handle which reduces breakages & waste (e.g. 2’ x 4’, 4’ x 4’ & etc.).

Aatomo Plasboard is a nice product from Aatomo. This will support your construction project to work in green concept. For more information, please check the below pictures. For inquiry, please click HERE.

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