ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia

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ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia is very important for Civil Engineer working in Saudi Arabia. They must know how to get ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia. This American Concrete Institute provides the means for civil engineers and technicians working in the construction industry in order to empower their knowledge. ACI courses are given at Bright Horizon, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. This article will give you the information about how to get ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia.

ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia

The American Concrete Institute was established in 1904, its mission includes Certification of Civil Engineers and professionals working in construction. ACI Certification started in 1980 to develop programs for training and certifying experienced concrete personnel. The first program, Concrete Field Testing Technician-Grade I, many other programs for technicians, inspectors, and craftsmen have since been implemented by the Institute.

Since 1983, ACI has administered programs to test over 250,000 concrete technicians, construction inspectors, and concrete finisher craftsmen. ACI currently administers 14 certification programs in three languages and has certified personnel in 42 countries.

Since 1990 the ACI has been operating in Saudi Arabia and is now conducting certification courses and exams in a number of certifications. ACI is very active in the Eastern Province, headed by Dr. Maher Bader, an ACI Fellow and a former Professor in the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Civil Engineering Department. Dr. Maher Bader the president of ACI in the Eastern Province is in charge of the certification in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Maher Bader is a Fellow if the American Concrete Institute since 2004, and a member of ACI since 1973.

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The mission of ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia is to help practicing engineers working in Saudi Arabia obtain a professional American Concrete Institute USA Certifications. Product of this ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia is Civil Engineering private education, Assisting engineers to become internationally certified.

How to get ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia?

If you are interested in joining ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia, you can try to contact Prof. Bader by email and mobile phone as written below :

e-mail or
mobile +966505862278.

Office :, Al Khobar, Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia 31261 Saudi Arabia.

Below is Prof. Bader using thob (Saudi Arabian unique dress) in his working place :

ACI Certification in Saudi Arabia

If you succeed this course, please tell me the story by writing your comment to the comment form below. This will surely boost Civil Engineers career.

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  1. Malik Sajjad says:

    I have 20 years Concrete Ready Mix Experience as a Quality Control Incharge…May i can get any aci certificate…

  2. ahmed khalifa says:

    you dont have branch in riyadh

    • Harbun says:

      You can try to contact the available number above for more information.
      I think there will be possibility for special ACI Certification program in Riyadh.


      You can take several days vacation for this ACI certification, this will be beneficial for your career.

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