Activity Steps Details in Primavera P6

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Activity Steps Details in Primavera P6, What to do?

00 Activity Steps Details in Primavera P6

To display Activity Step Details

The procedure for displaying Activity Step details differs depending on whether you access the details from the Activities page or in the Activity Details form.

From the Activities Page:

  1. Open the project or group of projects you want to work with in the Projects section.
  2. Click Activities on the Projects toolbar to display the Activities page.
  3. Select the activity in the Activity Table, then click icon to display details on the Activities toolbar.
  4. Select Activity Details.
  5. Select Steps. The Steps dialog box displays, showing all steps related to the activity.


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In the activity table, right-click an activity and select an option, such as Predecessors, Successors, Steps, or Notebooks, from the menu.

From the Activity Details Form in a portlet:

Expand the Steps section, if necessary.

The layout you see depends on a combination of administrative configurations and your preference settings. If Step details do not appear, edit your preferences to add them.

To add and define new steps, click Add Steps.
Type a unique name for each step and specify a weight, if necessary.

To add a predefined group of steps, click Add Steps from Template. Select the template that defines the steps you want to use and click Assign. You can assign multiple Activity Step Templates to a single activity, but you can assign only one template at a time.

To edit, delete, or update progress for activity steps, click the step name. To edit details or report that a step is completed, modify the appropriate fields and click Save.

To delete the step, click Delete Step, then OK to confirm.

Tip: For the step description, you can format text, copy and paste information from other document files while retaining formatting, and add hyperlinks.

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