Aluminium Window Fabrication Complete Sequences

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Working in building, we should know how Aluminium Window Fabrication Sequence. There are 6 points that we should know, at least. Here they are :

1. Storage of Aluminium Window Raw Material

All of material from supplier/vendors shall be checked in accordance with SPECS and Purchase Order. Aluminum member shall be checked for the following items:

  • Section Number
  • Thickness
  • Length
  • Straightness
  • Flatness
  • Twist
  • Finishing Surface (color, scratch free and strain free)
  • Quantity

Aluminum members do not meet the above checking items must be rejected. The accepted aluminum member shall be than located on the aluminum rack according to the group section number and shall be registered.

2. Protection of Aluminium Member

Every aluminium member shall be protected with protection tape before it is fabricated to prevent from receiving scratch and damage during fabrication process. Aluminum member shall be dry and free from moisture and shall be cleaned to let the protection tape stuck well to the aluminum member. The protection tape shall not be removed during fabrication, transportation and installation until the whole work in the building, has been completed.

3. Aluminium Window Material Cutting

Material cutting activity shall be in accordance with cutting list and fabrication schedule. Cutting activity covering :

  • Material Analyses in accordance with Cutting List and application (section number, length, type of finish surface)
  • Requesting material to be cut to the storage section on the approval of chief of fabrication.
  • Grouping and placing in order the material to be cut.
  • Preparing the equipment and tool to be used such as Double/Single Saw Machine, Measuring Rules/Tape/Angle.
  • Cutting the materials according to each length mentioned on Cutting List.
  • Placing the cutting material on Cart and handed it over to Processing Section.

Some items shall be checked on the hand over between Cutting Section and Processing Section are as follows :

  • Length of cutting material
  • Angle of Cutting
  • Flatness of Cutting
  • Smoothness of Cutting
  • Section Number and Quantity

4. Aluminium Window Material Processing

Processing is an activity to make some preparation on every aluminum member in order that every aluminum member can easily be assembled to make desired frame shape. There are a lot and varied type of material processing depending on each function and requirement of every type of aluminum frame. Processing activity covering :

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  • Marking on aluminum member
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Punching
  • Bracketing
  • Rubber attaching

All of processing activities shall be done in accordance with Fabrication/Processing Drawing. Finally, the processing material shall be placed on cart and handed over to assembling Section and shall be checked between Processing Section on the items of work done.

To make joint of aluminum sill member and jamb member, the processing activity shall be done as follows :

  • Marking jamb member position on sill member.
  • Marking screw hole position of jamb member on sill member.
  • Drilling screw hole marking on sill member.

5. Aluminium Window Material Assembling

Assembling is an activity to join and combine some aluminum member through some process to make the desired aluminum frame shape in accordance with fabrication drawing. There are some varied type of frame to be assembled, i.e :

  • Fixed glass frame
  • Openable window (sliding, top hung, casement)
  • Door Frame (Swing, Sliding)
  • Aluminum Louver
  • Etc

Final checked shall be done after frame assembling is complete. The qualified finished good shall be than located on the finish good zone and ready to be packed and deliver to site.

6. Aluminium Window Quality Control

Every phase of fabrication activity shall be checked/controlled before proceeded to the next phase and every phase result of material shall be handed over between every section involved. Finishing good shall be rechecked before it is stored on finished good zone. Checking item :

  • Height
  • Width
  • Diagonal
  • Joint Gap
  • Flatness of joint
  • Joint bracket
  • Accessories

Here is a sample of Aluminium Window :

Aluminium Window Production - Fabrication

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