Apply Visit Visa Saudi Arabia

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Working in Saudi Arabia is quite a blessing. This is especially for moslem. Because moslem can bring their family to come here to perform umrah.

Actually, umrah activity has its own visa, but usually, the expatriates who bring their family to go to Saudi Arabia use the visit visa Saudi Arabia for umrah also.

apply visit visa saudi arabia

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To apply visit visa Saudi Arabia, follow these steps :

  1. Collect all of the requirement for visit visa Saudi Arabia (Original Valid Iqama, Copy of Passport, Copy of Passport of members of the family)
  2. Make sure that your iqama profession is not “labor” or “driver” or “servant”.
  3. You can invite your Wife, Kids, Parents, Sister and Parents In Law.
  4. Follow this link ( , then fill all of the form. If you don’t know Arabic, ask your friend.
  5. Print the Form/Letter, then ask your company to get signature and stamp.
  6. Go to Chamber of Commerce, have the letter stamped. You will submit your visit visa application here, but you will be given a copy.
  7. After 3-7 days, check the status of your request online to
  8. If it’s approved. Say “alhamdulillah” then send the application number to your relatives in the home country. There should be agents for taking care of this in Saudi Embassy of the home country.
  9. After finishing this, your family can go directly to Saudi Arabia by bringing all the documents (visa and passport).

Good Luck!!!

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