Arabic Language Course in Jeddah (Arabic Learning)

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It is important for expatriates living in Jeddah to learn Arabic language. There are several places that provide Arabic Language Course in Jeddah. But there are not many who can give excellent teaching in Arabic Language. We will provide the information for these Arabic Language Course in Jeddah below.

Living in Saudi Arabia without the understanding of Arabic language must be very tired, especially when we do not understand what is being said at office meetings. Sometimes we will feel left out just because we do not understand Arabic language.

Actually there are two famous provider of Arabic Language Course in Jeddah. Here they are :

1. JCEC (Jeddah Cultural Exchange Center).

This provider of Arabic Language Course in Jeddah has a nice structure of lesson. Each Lesson it gives consists of these following steps :

  • Reviewing the previous lesson and assignment following up.
  • Starting each lesson with a scenario conversation.
  • Conversation drills.
  • Video presentations.
  • Practicing on reading.
  • Practicing on writing.
  • Vocabulary enhancement.
  • Summary for the day’s lesson.
  • Assignment.

The class size will be for 10 students. The students will get textbooks and DVDs. The courses will be held in 12 levels. For public course, each level you will have to pay for SR 2500. For private course, each level you will have to pay for SR 150 per hour. For corporate course, each person price is SR 70 per hour. For more information, contact

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2. King Abdulaziz University Arabic Language Course

For me, this is best Arabic Language Course in Jeddah. It costs only SR 1200 per level. Each level contains 8 weeks (equal to 40 hours). The total levels are 12 levels. The courses include features of :

  • Placement test.
  • Textbooks.
  • Activities and educational visits.
  • Credited certificate.
  • Detailed report on the state of scientific student.

For more information, you can contact +966 56 302 6845 or .

arabic language course in jeddah

arabic language course in jeddah.

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