Are Saudi Arabians Racist ?

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There are many rumors that say that Saudi Arabians are racist. Are Saudi Arabians Racist? Do you believe in that rumors? If you are asking about this, I am telling you my story.

are saudi arabians racist - cartoon

Some Saudi Arabian women are born in a house with one maid and one driver from Indonesia, or other country. These women almost never see the world. The world they see is only her house, where Saudi Arabians is the boss and Indonesians and other nationalities are the employees. These women, when they are out of their homes, in mall, in market or other places tend to see Indonesians very lowly.

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When you go to HyperPand# in Al Ham#daniyah, Jeddah, you will see something else. One time, when I finished shopping, I went to the cashier to pay the goods. There were two cashiers, with only one helper. I came to the one of the cashiers first. Then the helper put my purchased goods inside the plastic bags. Until half of the process, one Saudi Arabian came to the other cashier, the helper tried to go away from and serve the Saudi Arabians. I felt quite upset at that time, but what can I do? The helper was, maybe, Bangali, but there is possibility that he was acting that way because he received an order from his manager.

Some Saudi Arabians who are more educated and often go abroad, they think differently. They have more respect to other people from other countries. I met one Saudi Arabians lecturer family, they are educated and often go abroad, they respect my family so much. These kind of Saudi Arabian Family is super nice. There are a lot of them here.

So, are Saudi Arabians racist ?

We can not say whether Saudi Arabians racist or not, because actually, it depends on the person. The higher education a person has, the better behavior he/she has.

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