Bed Dimensions Standard : King Size, Queen Size, Full/Twin Size, Single Size etc

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Bed Dimensions. In this article, we will talk about Bed Dimensions. The use of Single Size, Full Size / Twin Size, Queen Size and King Size Bed should be considered well in Interior Design.  If you mistaken in putting the Standard Dimensions to the house design, it will not be good for the result. These Bed/Mattress Dimensions are really important because this will give the influence to the designer regarding what to put inside a house. They should be properly chosen so that the house will be fit to live in comfortably.

Bed Dimensions

Below are the standard or commonly used dimensions (Bed Sizes) which are available in the market :

1. Single Bed Dimensions

Based on the name, this Single Bed is only for one person. The Single Bed Size is 39 x 75 Inch or 100 x 200 cm. This Single Bed is good for kids or for you who is still single.

Single Bed Idea - Bed Dimensions

2. Full Size Bed Dimensions / Twin Bed Dimensions

Full Size Bed or Twin Bed size is 120 x 200 cm. This is good for Single Adult. This is actually almost same with Single Bed, but this makes you move more freely.

Twin Size Bed Full Size Bed idea

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3. Queen Size Bed Dimensions

The length and the width of Queen Size Bed is 160 x 200 cm. Queen Size Bed can be used by one or two person. If you are a person who is really active on bed, the this can be only for one person. Newly wedd is suggested to use this bed. This Queen Size Bed are not good for 3 persons.

Queen Size Bed Idea

4. King Size Bed Dimensions

This kind of bed is probably most sold in the market. Everybody wants big and comfortable bed. King Size Bed is 180 cm in width and 200 cm in length. Since this bed is quite big, you have to consider its size for your design carefully.

King Size Bed Idea

For other dimensions, you can check this following picture :

UK Bed Sizes Bed Dimensions

I hope this Bed Dimensions Information is useful for you. If you need update, please kindly subscribe. If you have a comment, please put it in the form below. Share this article if you think that this will be useful for your friends. Have a nice designing activity!

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