Betawi Restaurant, Indonesian Foods Restaurant in Jeddah

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46 Betawi Restaurant 02

Are you Indonesian who miss Indonesian foods taste so much so that you want to kill yourself?


Are you just ordinary human being regardless your country is, who loves to do some adventures in foods?

Have you ever heard about Betawi Restaurant?
I went to that restaurant before. It was really satisfiying. When I opened the front door, the receptionists smiled at me and my family, saying “welcome, Sir, please go upstairs”.

After reached the upper floor, I saw that the floor is devided into 2 sections, Single and Family Section. It’s clean and neat. We sat in one chamber, then not long after, the waiter came to us and asked us what to order, and again, they put smiley face. They were polite and nice.

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I ordered my Indonesian Favourite Food, Soto Betawi. The taste was so original. It was delicious. How they served the food was really neat and clean, and I loved it. And you know what? The price was affordable. It’s 15 Saudi Riyal in average, for each menu.

Betawi Restaurant serve not only Soto Betawi, but also, Sate Betawi (Satay of Betawi), Kangkung Hotplate, etc. Those foods are actually traditional foods, but they serve them elegantly.

Well, if you are interested in going to Betawi Restaurant, it is located in coordinate (21.510052, 39.186931). Just put your GPS on, then you will find it easily. Or you can see the picture below for the location.

46 Betawi Restaurant 01


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