Cement Calculator for Red Brick Wall Construction

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How much cement needed for 12 m2 red brick wall construction? In this article, you will see the cement calculator. You will be able to do cement calculation to know how much cement you need for red brick wall construction.

Based on Wikipedia, cement is a binder, a substance that sets and hardens and can bind other materials together. The word “cement” traces to the Romans, who used the term opus caementicium to describe masonry resembling modern concrete that was made from crushed rock with burnt lime as binder. The volcanic ash and pulverized brick supplements that were added to the burnt lime, to obtain a hydraulic binder, were later referred to as cementum, cimentum, cäment, and cement.

Cement Calculator for Red Brick Construction

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We need cement in almost every part of building construction. We use cement for concrete, plaster, brick construction, masonry works and so many other things. An engineer should know how to calculate cement needed. The engineer who calculate huge amount of materials might need a cement calculator.

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So, how much cement needed for 12 m2 red brick wall construction? Based on National Standard of Indonesia, to construct 1m2 red brick (size 5x11x22)cm wall, we need 1 cement : 5 sand, which means 9.68kg of cement, 0.045m3 of sand and 70 of red bricks. So, if we need to construct 12m2 red bricks wall, we will need 12 x 9.68 kgs = 116.16kgs. If 1 bag of cement is 50kgs, then we need 116.16 / 50 = 2.3232 bags or let’s say 3 bags of cement.

For additional information, in 12 m2 ren brick wall, we will need 12 x 0.045 m3 = 0.54 m3 of sand. We need also 12 x 70 red bricks = 840 red bricks.

In summary, for 12 m2 red brick wall construction, we need 116.16 kgs of cement, 0.54 m3 of sand and 840 of red bricks.

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