Cement Mix Ratio and Its Uses

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In relation of our previous article, we will talk about Cement Mix Ratio based on its uses. We are quite familiar with the word “Cement Mix Ratio” in the world of construction. Cement Mix is used in so many things in construction.

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There are several types of Cement Mix Ratio based on its uses. They are :

1. Sand : Cement Mix for Masonry Works.
There are two different Cement Mix Ratio in this category :
a. 4 : 1 mix, for masonry works under the soils and for water facing parts of the building.
b. 4 : 1 mix, for masonry works above the soils and dry parts of the building.

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2. Sand : Cement Mix for Plaster Works.
There are two different Cement Mix Ratio in this category :
a. 1 : 4 mix, for plastering under the soils.
b. 1 : 6 mix, for plastering above the soils.

3. Cement Mix for Concrete
Cement mix ratio for concrete, generally, 1 : 2 : 3 (cement : sand : aggregate). For special structures, sometimes we use 1 : 1.5 : 2.5 (cement : sand : aggregate).

When the cement mix ratio do not suffice the requirement, especially in the structure where there is possibility of water leaking, this will be not good.  When the cement mix ratio is bigger than what it needs, the contractor will suffer from additional budget. The contractor should apply this cement mix ratio correctly based on the uses. This is to suffice the Quality and Budget demand.

Working with cement is not easy, but can be really easy for someone who is experienced. This cement mix job is a job that needs either experience and knowledge.

I hope this information about cement mix ratio is useful for you. If you find anything not correct, please advise in the comment form below.

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