Cement Price : A Complete Cement Price List

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This article is about Cement Price List. If you are civil engineer who is working in the world of construction, it is a good idea to know the cement price. This knowledge will help you to identify the price of a concrete structure. When we are working as Civil Engineer and we have to construct a concrete structure, we have to make a detail calculation about the concrete price. If you have to negotiate for Ready Mix Concrete Price, this will help you a lot.

In this article, we will show you the Cement Price in USD, GBP and AUD currencies. USD and GBP is the most commonly used currency in the world. So this will make you easier to identify the Cement Price and compare it to your local currency.

Below is the Cement Price List :

Castle Cement 25Kg bag Price.

in GBP : 3.59 Pounds.
in USD : 6.05 US Dollar.
in AUD : 6.46 Australian Dollar.

Mastercrete Cement 25Kg in plastic bags Price.

in GBP : 4.35 Pounds.
in USD : 7.33 US Dollar.
in AUD : 7.83 Australian Dollar.

Castle Sulphate Resisting Cement 25Kg Price.

in GBP : 6.99 Pounds.
in USD : 11.77 US Dollar.
in AUD : 12.58 Australian Dollar.

Castle Snowcrete White Cement 25Kg bag Price.

in GBP : 10.45 Pounds.
in USD : 17.60 US Dollar.
in AUD : 18.81 Australian Dollar.

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Blue Circle Hydrated Lime 25kg Price.

in GBP : 12.59 Pounds.
in USD : 21.21 US Dollar.
in AUD : 22.67 Australian Dollar.

Cement Bag - Cement Price List - Credit Pict www,stockportfencing,com

Cement Bag – Cement Price List – Credit Pict www,stockportfencing,com

We want you to understand that all prices are not stable and may vary according to time and location. These prices are given to make an approximate comparison only. If you have the most updated cement price, please kindly post in the comment form below. We hope this article useful for you. For article updates, please simply subscribe or like our facebook page. Thanks for visiting this website.

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