Change Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia, Easy!

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This article is about Easy Way to Change Iqama Profession. If your iqama profession is not same with the profession which is mentioned in iqama, this could be not good. Because you might loose some right to do something. If you are a doctor but your iqama profession is labor, you will not be able to bring your family to Saudi Arabia. So, this will be troublesome. Some people have managed to change iqama profession to be able to bring the family to saudi Arabia.

To change iqama profession, actually there is simple thing to do. There is easy way to change the iqama profession. As long as you have all of the valid documents, everything will be just fine.

Below is the easy way to change iqama profession :

1. Prepare all of the valid documents.

These documents are your attested educational certificate. The educational certificate should be based on the profession that you are working at now. For engineers, there should be a proof of Saudi Council of Engineers Membership. This is very important.

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2. Let your company take care of everything.

After you have all of the valid documents and form, you have to meet the administration officers in your company. Usually, there is special part of Human Resource Department which take care of this thing. So, let these officers handle everything to change iqama profession. These officers knows better about this thing.

3. Wait until done.

After you hand over all of the valid documents to the admin officer, you have to wait. This process will take around 2 months. If you are lucky, it can be finished in one or two weeks.

iqama image - change iqama profession

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