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How to check Iqama Huroob ? If you want to know how to check iqama huroob / haroof, you can read this article for more information about that. Huroob is a condition where your kafeel (sponsor) reported to the Jawazat (Immigration) Office that you are absconding from him. When you are in Huroob condition, you are considered as illegal workers in Saudi Arabia. This condition means really bad for you. If the Jawazat officers find you, you will be put in jail.

Check Iqama Huroob

Below is step by step instructions to check iqama huroob:

Go to the website of Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor.
If you cannot use the link above, you can use this:


You will then find a screen just like below:

check iqama huroob 1

After finding the screen above, you have to put your IQAMA NUMBER to the box.
You have to put your NATIONALITY also.
If you do not understand Arabic Language, you can ask your friend.
Then click OK/Next (in Arabic).

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The result will be just like the picture below:

check iqama huroob 2

The result will be the nitaqat status of your company whether it is in Blue, Green, Yellow or Red as stated in the article : mol ksa red green which will give you the detail explanation about the iqama status check red green yellow. But if your iqama condition is in Huroob, then you will not get the nitaqat status of your company. There will be different notification right there on the screen, just like the picture above.

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This step by step instructions to CHECK IQAMA HUROOB is not for domestic workers. It is for professional workers who works in companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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