Check Iqama Renewal

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How to Check Iqama Renewal? This article will help answering this question. We will provide you step by step to check iqama Renewal. This is basically a way to check if your iqama is renewed or not. So if you want to Check Iqama Renewal, this means that you want to check the status of your iqama status. This status determines whether your iqama is renewed or not.

Check Iqama Renewal Instruction

To Check Iqama Renewal, you have to do these following steps :

Go to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior Website (Absher System).
Click the menu tab “Electronic Inquiries”.
Click the tab “MOI Diwan”.
Click the tab “Public Query Available Fund”.
Then you find a screen as below.

check iqama Renewal - click to enlarge the picture.

check iqama Renewal – click to enlarge the picture.

Fill in the blank form, start by filling your identity number (Iqama Number).
Enter the image code.
Click on “View”.
If it is “Failed” then your iqama may be in process to renew.

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While waiting for your iqama renewal, I suggest you not to go outside your city. Or even pass any highways in town. If you are caught while you have no iqama or your iqama is still being renewed, then you will have a problem. You will be caught and sent to jail. In Makkah Province, the jail is located in Sumaisy. If you are caught, you will be put in jail until your kafeel pick you up. You have to understand that you cannot ensure when your kafeel will send someone for you. So, if the kafeel does not send you any officer, you will stay in the jail for days.

By the way, the term “Huroob” is actually an Arabic term use for those worker who Escape or Absent from Work for specified time. In this situation Employer has report to Jawazat  /Passport authorities against employer to declare him as Huroob.

We hope that this article is useful for you. If you have any questions or comments, please be free putting your comments below. Thanks for visiting this website. Have a nice browsing.

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