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Check Iqama Status of your Saudi Iqama in MOI KSA by following the instructions below. So that you know your Iqama status whether it is valid or in huroob. MOI Iqama is a very important document for any expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Every expatriate living in Saudi Arabia must hold his or her iqama all the time. That is why the iqama holder should check iqama regularly to get the iqama status in MOI KSA or MOL KSA.

Check iqama status in Saudi Arabia

Checking Iqama Status is really easy. If we want to check Jawazat iqama status, we will get some iqama details from the website of MOI Saudi Arabia ( or MOL Saudi Arabia ( You can check iqama status by passport number or iqama number. In the MOI Iqama status or MOL Iqama status that you check, you can get various information. They are:

  • Iqama Huroob Status
  • Iqama Red Green Status
  • Iqama Expiry Date Status or Iqama Validity Status

Below we provide you the instructions for how to check iqama status in Saudi Arabia.

Iqama Huroob Status

If you want to check iqama huroob, you can get the mol Saudi iqama status by following the instructions below:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the website of Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia.
  2. If you cannot use the link above, you can use this:


You will then find a screen just like below:

how to check iqama status in saudi arabia check iqama huroob

If you managed to open the screen above, you should put your Iqama Number written in your iqama (moi iqama) or you can check iqama status by passport number to the provided box.
You have to put your Nationality also.
If you cannot understand the Arabic Language, you can ask your Arabic good friend.
Then click OK/Next (in Arabic language).

If the procedure above went well, you should get the screen below:

how to check iqama status in saudi arabia check iqama huroob result 1

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If the result is same as shown in the picture above, then your iqama status is in huroob condition which is actually not a good condition.

Iqama Red Green Status

Check Saudi iqama status red green by doing the same procedure as the way we do the huroob check above. The difference will be the result. If you are not in huroob condition, you will be given your mol iqama status red green or yellow. The color in iqama status means as stated below:

Advantages :

  • Can hire anybody from any part of the world
  • Easier Visa processing
  • New visas with open professions through the electronic system
  • Can change professions of their workers even those that are restricted to Saudis
  • Condition-Free visa transfer

Advantages :

  • Can apply for new visas once in two months
  • Can change their foreign workers’ profession except to those restricted to Saudis
  • Six-month respite after the expiry of their zakat & revenue certificates
  • Can renew work permits of their employees

Conditions :

  • No new visas
  • Can get only one visa after the departure of two expatriates
  • Can not transfer visas and change professions
  • No working permit renewal for employees who have completed six years
  • No control on workers who can switch over to better zone companies

Conditions :

  • Banned from change profession, transfer of visa, issuance of new visas and opening files for new branches

Iqama Expiry Date Status or Iqama Validity Status

How to check iqama expiry date online to know its iqama validity status? It is quite easy. You can follow the instruction below:

  1. Check our Iqama expiry date by visiting MOI website  oir making query iqama expiry by clicking HERE.
  2. Then click “E-Services“.
  3. Then click “Passports“.
  4. Then click “Query Iqama Expiry Service“.
  5. Fill in the form, then you will be able to know your iqama expiry date.

The result of the iqama expiry status or validity status will be as below:

how to check iqama status in saudi arabia moi iqama expiry date check validity check

That is all how to check iqama status in Saudi Arabia. We hope that this will help you. You have to keep in mind that checking moi iqama status should be done regularly so that you will be safe living in Saudi Arabia. To get more related articles, please subscribe this blog.

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