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cinema in saudi arabia


Saudi Arabians are welcoming cinema in Saudi Arabia next year. The cinema will be launched in March 2018.

This Cinema opening in Saudi Arabia will be a good catalyst to the cultural economy in Saudi Arabia. This can also create more job opportunities to people of Saudi Arabia.

After 35 years of ban, finally Saudi Arabia will open many cinemas in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is expected to build more than 250 cinemas all over the Kingdom.

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Opening cinema in Saudi Arabia will create around 30000 jobs and contribute more than SAR 90 billion to the country economy. These cinemas will attract more visitors to malls. This will expand the business in the malls.

This Cinema Opening in Saudi Arabia is also a challenge to Saudi Arabia Producers to create good movies to compete to global movie challenge.

Saudi Arabia’s main sovereign wealth fund said it planned to enter the cinema business with major US-based movie exhibition company AMC Entertainment Holdings. Other cinema chains are also eyeing the Saudi market. Dubai-based mall operator Majid Al Futtaim, which owns VOX Cinemas, said it wanted to open the first movie theater in the Kingdom.

Right now, Saudi Arabia have Cinema only in KAUST, but soon Saudi Arabia will have many cinemas across the Kingdom.

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