Comparative Cost of Structure Estimate

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Comparative Cost of Structure is one of simple methods for estimation. This method can be done very quickly. The data we need to do this is not much. We just need to compare from one structure to another.

comparative cost of structure

Comparative Cost of Structure

James E. Rowings, Jr. Comparative Cost of Structure is readily adaptable to virtually every type of structure, including bridges, stadiums, schools, hospitals, and offices. Very little information is required about the planned structure except that the following general characteristics should be known :

1. Use — school, office, hospital, and so on.
2. Kind of construction — wood, steel, concrete, and so on.
3. Quality of construction — cheap, moderate, top grade.
4. Locality — labor and material supply market area.
5. Time of construction — year.

By identifying a similar completed structure with nearly the same characteristics, an order-of-magnitude estimate can be determined by proportioning cost according to the appropriate unit for the structure.

These units might be as follows:

1. Bridges — span in feet (adjustment for number of lands).
2. Schools — pupils.
3. Stadium — seats.
4. Hospital — beds.
5. Offices — square feet.
6. Warehouses — cubic feet.

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Comparative Cost of Structure Example

Quest :
Assume that the current cost for a 120-pupil school constructed of wood frame for a city is $1,800,000. We are asked to develop an order-of-magnitude estimate for a 90-pupil school.

Solution :
The first step is to separate the per-pupil cost.

$1,800,000/120 = $15,000 pupil

Apply the unit cost to the new school.

$15,000/pupil x 90 pupils = $1,350,000

I hope you got the point above. Comparative Cost of Structure is quite easy to do. It is good for quick estimation. If you have any questions, please simply put your comment below.

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