Concrete Cutting Tools, All You Need is Here!

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Special Concrete Cutting Tools are needed when we want to cut concrete structure. We cannot do the concrete cutting activity by using random tools we find in our workshop. To make the cutting goes well, you need good concrete cutting tools.

concrete cutting tools

Concrete Cutting Tools

Here are the list of Concrete Cutting Tools that you may need for your project :

Tape measure.
Circular saw.
Corundum masonry blade.
Diamond masonry blade.
Gas-powered masonry saw.
Track-guided, wet-cutting masonry saw.
Wet-cutting masonry saw.
Cold chisel.
Chalk line.
Extension cord.
Dust mask.
Hearing protection.
Safety glasses.

Concrete Cutting Tools For Sale

If you are looking for concrete cutting tools for sales, you can go to these following websites :‎‎‎‎

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The six websites above are international producer of concrete cutter tools. If you need the tools from those website, simply call them. Beware of any scam that may happen.

Concrete Cutting Tips

Just for addition, if you want to cut a specific spot of concrete structure, you can read these following concrete cutting tips :

  1. Don’t force a blade into a cut. Let the weight of the saw and the blade do the cutting.
  2. When dry-cutting, back the blade off and allow it to run free every 30 to 45 seconds to prevent overheating.
  3. You can use a dry-cutting blade with or without water, but a wet blade must always be used with water.
  4. Whenever you cut concrete, wear sight, hearing and respiratory protection, especially when dry-cutting.

There is one interesting video from The Home Depot, as follow :

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