Concrete Mix Design Factors

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This article is about Concrete Mix Design Factors. These factors are most important things that we should consider carefully. If we put wrong number in these Concrete Mix Design Factors, the concrete mix will be not good. Most concrete mix designers have the experience on site. The experience will give more sight to the concrete mix design.

Concrete Mix Design Factors to watch carefully are :

1. Water Cement Ratio.

Water cement ratio is important to determine the diluting of water-cement paste. If we put more water, it will be very liquid. If we put more cement, it will be very solid. So, we have to put the water cement ratio at the correct proportion.

2. Cement Paste.

The cement paste will bind all of the aggregates. This will fill the voids among the aggregates. If we put cement paste more, it will cause : more cost, possibility of greater shrinkage, possibility of greater percolation and possibility of weaker defence against the weather. These mean that it will not good to put greater cement paste than what it needs. So, be careful.

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3. Fine and Coarse Aggregates.

The aggregates surely have great effect to the strength to the concrete. This is the most important factor of Concrete Mix Design Factors. The aggregates should be a good combination of fine aggregates and coarse aggregates. The portion should make the cement paste need at minimum amount. The better the design, the concrete will be more solid.

concrete mix design factors

Those three Concrete Mix Design Factors above should be watched carefully. Any wrong decision in putting their amount will affect the strength of the concrete. The ability of concrete mix design can be achieved not only by studying the literature but also from the site experience. It is always a good idea to ask to our senior, at least to ask for suggestion to make the design.

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