Construction Estimate Template

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In this page, we can download construction estimate template. If we are working in construction world, we need a template to estimate a building construction cost. This will allow us to make the estimate easier to do.

When we are working as a Building Construction Cost Estimator, building a construction estimate template is a must. So, in this page we will help to provide some construction estimate templates. We hope that if we provide these templates, our works will be so much easier.

Construction Estimate Template Download

 Construction Estimate Template 1

The template will be helpful to create an elaborate estimating and budgeting worksheet as it includes pre-defined sections for all the relevant parameters such as description, vendor, estimated cost, actual cost etc.

Construction Estimate Template 2

This template shows how a basic construction estimate should be. The template has taken a simplistic route, including the bare essentials like construction work description, estimated job cost & so on.

Construction Estimate Template 3

Here comes a full-fledged construction estimate template for you with a coverage on all the important sections of a standard estimate such as building permit, warranty insurance etc. & also offers space for extra items.

Construction Estimate Template 4

If you need advice on how to draft a proper construction estimate, this template here would be really handy with its comprehensive format, packed with all the needed categories like description, PC/PS allowance etc.

Construction Estimate Template 5

You are getting a detailed construction estimate format here with all the needed readymade categories which come with adjoining blank space to e filled by your specific data. It’s quite a time saver.

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Construction Estimate Template 6

Word document with two sections: Project description and Project Details. Project description should be used to input an overview of the project. Project Details should be used to break down project to specific tasks, and quote price for each of those tasks.

Download Here

Construction Estimate Template 7

Blank fields include info about service provider and customer, project description, number of hours, price per hour, and a total work estimate. This document automatically calculates each line item total, subtotal and total.

Download Here

Construction Estimate Template 8

This basic template will automatically calculate total of your project. Simply enter individual line items, and price for each.

Download Here

Construction Estimate Template 9

Basic estimate template in Excel where total cost of a project is calculated automatically. Enter tax rate to calculate total tax, and add ‘other costs to calculate total. The template provides space for comments to customer and notes / terms.

Download Here

The templates above is taken from and The have done a good job helping us to get these Construction Estimate Templates. You can simply choose one Construction Estimate Template of the available above.

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