Construction Estimator Job Description and Qualifications

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This article is about Construction Estimator Job Description. Estimator is a quite important role in construction world. The estimator will estimate the cost of the construction. An estimator should consider the scope of a project, the planned resource and future possible changes in resource costs.

Construction Estimator Job Description :

  1. Construction Estimator must review the detailed project plans.
  2. Construction Estimator must review the project specifications.
  3. Construction Estimator must review the available site data.
  4. Construction Estimator must review the resource data, including the labor, materials and equipment.
  5. Construction Estimator must review the contract documents.
  6. Construction Estimator must review government regulations in relation with the project.
  7. Construction Estimator estimate the possible cost that the project management needs to carry out the project based on the above reviews.

Construction Estimator Qualifications :

  1. Extensive knowledge of construction.
  2. Knowledge of construction materials and methods.
  3. Knowledge of construction practices and contracts.
  4. Ability to read and write construction documents.
  5. Ability to sketch construction details.
  6. Ability to communicate graphically and verbally.
  7. Strong background in business and economics.
  8. Ability to visualize work items.
  9. Broad background in design and code requirements.

Being an estimator is not simple. Estimator is not an art. In order to be an estimator, we need to develop the skills and knowledge through years of education and working experience. The depth of construction project understanding is really needed by an estimator. Estimator is a person who must know what is going on in the market. If you want to work as estimator, you have to be well prepared. You have to make sure that you can do all things stated in Construction Estimator Job Description above.

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estimator cartoon - Construction Estimator Job Description

I hope the information about Construction Estimator Job Description above useful for you. If you refer to those job description and qualification, I am sure that you can do this job well. The works of estimator is quite enjoyable.

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