Construction Estimator Jobs

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This article will help you to find construction estimator jobs very easily. In this article, we will provide you the most popular links with the most construction estimator jobs in the world. Construction estimator jobs are not only for Civil Engineers but also for Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers. Before giving you the links, we will show you what construction estimator job description and qualifications are.

construction estimator jobs

Construction Estimator Job Description

  • Construction Estimator must review the detailed project plans.
  • Construction Estimator must review the project specifications.
  • Construction Estimator must review the available site data.
  • Construction Estimator must review the resource data, including the labor, materials and equipment.
  • Construction Estimator must review the contract documents.
  • Construction Estimator must review government regulations in relation with the project.
  • Construction Estimator estimate the possible cost that the project management needs to carry out the project based on the above reviews.

Construction Estimator Qualifications

  • Extensive knowledge of construction.
  • Knowledge of construction materials and methods.
  • Knowledge of construction practices and contracts.
  • Ability to read and write construction documents.
  • Ability to sketch construction details.
  • Ability to communicate graphically and verbally.
  • Strong background in business and economics.
  • Ability to visualize work items.
  • Broad background in design and code requirements.

Construction Estimator Jobs Directories (Quick Links)

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Construction Estimator Jobs at Estimator Crossing

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We hope that those directories are useful for you. We hope you can find a good Construction Estimator Job for you. We hope that you will succeed as Construction Estimator. Thanks for visiting this website. Have a nice browsing!

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