Construction Project Participants

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There are several construction project participants. All of these participants has important roles in developing a successful project. If each participant is not professional in doing the role, the project will fail. In this article, we will mention all of the Construction Project Participants.

Below are the Construction Project Participants that involve in construction process :

1. Owner.

Construction project owner can be either private or government. Owner is the party which has the project. It initiates the project. It pays the project fees. All of the project construction process should be known by this owner. The owner is the most powerful party in construction process.

2. Designer.

The designer will be responsible for developing the design drawings. This party is the one who make the specific specification which is approved by the owner. The design is made to meet all of the design code in the country where the project is held. The Designer is a kind of communicator between the Owner and the Contractor. The Designer will also watch over the construction process on behalf of the owner. The designer ensures that the construction is done based on the design drawing accordingly.

3. Main Contractor.

The Main Contractor will be the one who is responsible to manage the resources to carry out the construction process. The construction which is done by the contractor should be conducted safely, within budget, and on schedule. And the most important things is that it must meets or exceeds the quality requirements of the plans and specifications made by the designer.

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4. SubContractors.

SubContractors takes a portion of works from the entire project. SubContractors deal with the Main Contractor in contract. The subcontractors could take only structural works, ceramic works, formworks installations, etc.

5. Suppliers.

The suppliers are the companies that provide all requested materials of the project. These materials should be approved by the designer. This job can be Furniture Works, Concrete Works, Ceramic Works, etc.

management illustration - Construction Project Participants

Sometimes, there may be some conflict among them. As long as all parties work professionally, the construction will go very well. Currently, I am working in a Main Contractor. Based on my experience, everything will be just fine as long as all parties communicate each other often. The connected party will be able to solve all of the problems well. Because all we need to solve those problems are good coordination.

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