Distilled Water, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is a very rich country, but the clean water system is not adequate yet, especially in Jeddah, the place I’m living. Some places, such as Safa District and Marwah District has good water system, but in some other places, the water system is not provided through pipeline. In that places, the water is supplied with distilled water, brought by trucks. In one truck (19 tons of capacity), the price is 133 Saudi Riyals.

So, to get the clean distilled water, we should go to one company in this location :

08 Destilled Water Jeddah Saudi Arabia 01

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The name of the company is National Water Company, Saudi Arabia.

The water that we bought will be brought to our house by using a water truck, just like the picture below :

08 Destilled Water Jeddah Saudi Arabia 02 Truck


This writing is updated on 2 February 2014, just in case the water system is fully provided someday.

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