Doraemon Last Episode Synopsis

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Doraemon is one of the most popular anime characters in the world. I have known it since approximately 15 years ago. I watched the series on RCTI every sunday at 8 o’clock. It was my favourite show at that time. Now, the series are still going. Can you imagine how many episodes they are?

Doraemon Last Episode

Doraemon story is really addicting. It is very long story also. Each episode has unique story. I really love this series.

Recently, I found that Doraemon, comic version, ended. Wow, I can’t imagine that it can end? :-D

Doraemon Last Episode Synopsis

So, here is the last episode :

Doraemon is a robot. Its battery is empty. Unfortunately, the battery can only be found in the future. Then, Nobita ask Dorami for help, to search for the battery in the future. Dorami found the battery then. Unfortunately, if the battery of Doraemon is changed, it’s memory will reset. It will forget Nobita.

Nobita was really upset about this. So, he decided not to change the battery. They have walked together for so long. It’s impossible for Nobita to accept that Doraemon will forget everything. Nobita loves Doraemon very much.

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Because of this condition, Nobita was really motivated to study hard. This is in order to find a way to revive Doraemon without resetting Doraemon’s memory. The effort of Nobita was really hard. After that Nobita became very smart scientist. His only ambition is to revive Doraemon.

In the end of this episode, Nobita finally found a way to revive Doraemon without resetting the memory. We, after this, found out that Nobita is the inventor of Doraemon. :-D

The first sentence that Doraemon said after revived is ” Nobita, have you done your homework?”.

So, it’s a nice ending story, isn’t it?

This story teaches us that there is always possibility to change our life. In past, we recognise that Nobita was stupid, but after his serious effort, he can change his life and also the world.

By the way, I took the point of the story from my brother in law, Indra Fernandi. He loves Doraemon also.

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