Employee Rights in Saudi Arabia

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This article is about Employee Rights in Saudi Arabia. This will give you information about your rights if you are working in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian Government has protected all of expatriates’ rights when working in Saudi Arabia. Do not be afraid if you feel something wrong with your company and your life in Saudi Arabia. The are about 20’s of employee rights in Saudi Arabia.

Employee Rights in Saudi Arabia :

Recruitment Expenses.
The Recruitment process fees must be paid by the employer, not the employee. This includes the visas.

The employer must provide iqama to the employee. Iqama is Residence Permit in Saudi Arabia. If after three months the employer cannot provide iqama, the employee can transfer to other companies easily.

Ability to keep the passport.
Most employees passports are kept by the employer. In Fact, actually the passport should kept by its owner. But personally I suggest to let the employer keep the passport. Just in case the passport is gone, the employer will be responsible. So the ball is not in your hands.

It is normal for you to get the employment contract after the probation period which is 3 months. Most constracts are in Arabic, but you can ask them to translate. You have to understand the contract. If you cannot get the contract, you can tell the police department about this.

Working Hours.
Saudi Arabian Labor Law sets the maximum limit of 48 working hours in a week. If you work more than that, the payment should be 1.5 times bigger than usual working hours.

Annual Leave and Vacations with Tickets.
You have the right for annual leave and vacations. The tickets are paid by the companies, not you.

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Notice Period for Final Exit.
If you are terminated, the employer must give you a notice period which is 30 days.

End of Service Benefits.
You will get Eng of Service Benefits after meeting a certain requirements of the company.

Working and Health Insurance.
The company will give you the insurance. If you are sick, you can use this to get medical treatment in hospitals. Just in case you get accident while working, there is compensation for work injury. This is based on Saudi Labor Law. Click HERE for Labor Law

Emergency Leave.
The employee has the right for Emergency Leave. Just in case there is something really urgent happens in home country, the company should permit its employee to go. The visa will be paid by the employee.

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I hope this information about Employee Rights in Saudi Arabia useful for you. It is a good idea to have a good relationship with the company managers. The rights above can be really complicated if you do not have any relationship. so, take care of yourselves. Have a nice day!

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    I have company visa named ( shrika.tu.saraco) ..2 years agrement…i want to come on leave after 6 months..only for 1 week. Is that posible???? Cost also plzzz

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