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Encryption Unsuccessful Fix Solution | Huawei Smartphone | Android. In this article we are trying to get encryption unsuccessful Huawei Solution. This Encryption unsuccessful problem happened to my Huawei Ascend G526 phone. I love this phone so much. It was cheap and had a good performance at its level compared to the other.

“Encryption Unsuccessful” problem happened suddenly when my wife used my phone. Based on what I know, she put so many apps in the phone. This Huawei Ascend G 526 is actually a good phone, but at its level, there were limits. So, when my wife put so many apps, it suddenly “not responding”. The screeen became blank and the phone restarted by itself. This happened several times.

Encryption unsuccessful solution Huawei

The phone then asked whether to reformat or not. My wife answered “yes”. So the screen showed the formating process. Unfortunately, the process was not going well. The screen stopped in “Encryption Unsuccessful”. In this “Encryption Unsuccessful”, there is “reset phone” button, but nothing happened when I pushed this button several times. I was hopeless.

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Encryption Unsuccessful

So, I came to google for question about “Encryption Unsuccessful”. I tried so many things based on so many articles and nothing is working. I tried to go to Huawei website to get the ROM, but unfortunately, the ROM for Huawei G 526 was not available. So, I tried to go to a mobile service center in a market in Jeddah. Every shop told me that I have to go to Huawei officials. I could not find Huawei Official Shop in Jeddah. So, until now, I cannot solve this problem.

The only solution making up my¬†sense that I got from website and from mobile service centers is that we have to install the new ROM. If your mobile is Samsung, Motorola, Huawei or any other brands, and you find this “Encryption Unsuccessful” problem, simply search the Official ROM for the mobile. It is a sure solution inshaAllah. If you cannot find any Official ROM, then you have to go to the Official Shop for the related mobile brand. If those two things you cannot do, then it finish. You have to get a new phone as a replacement.

If you have a solution for me, please help me putting your comments below. I hope you find a good solution for your mobile phones. Good luck!

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