Exit Re Entry Visa Saudi Arabia, Print Here!

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Do you need exit reentry visa print? This article is about exit re entry visa Saudi Arabia. In this article, we will show you how to print exit reentry visa Saudi Arabia.

Exit Re Entry Visa Saudi Arabia Print Out

Have you ever lost your exit re entry visa Saudi Arabia when outside the Kingdom? If that happened, you will need to know how to print exit re-entry visa of Saudi Arabia.

If you lost your exit re entry visa and you want to print it again, it is easy. You can get the exit reentry visa print out Saudi Arabia by going to this official page (https://www.eserve.com.sa/VVSWeb/). You can print a copy of your exit-re-entry visa so that you can return to Kingdom without obstacles.

Here is the Screenshot of the Page.

exit re entry visa Saudi ArabiaWe need to tell you that now you do not need the Saudi Arabia exit re entry visa paper print, because everything is done electronically. Your visa is already in the system of the immigration department of KSA. So you do not need to worry if you lost your exit reentry visa paper. 

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    very helpful

  2. Mohammed Ahsanullah says:

    Visa issued without printout. Now I cannot print visa as like as my family visa printout. Muqeem websit can print only visa validity. Please assist. Thanks

    • You only need the visa number, actually,..
      If you get the Visa Number, it’s more than enough to go outside the Kingdom and come back safely..
      Can you get the number?

  3. sajjad sulehri says:

    Thanks a lot brother.. It really helped a lot….I appreciate….


  4. Jovito says:

    I cannot change nationality. Im a Filipino

  5. Tomy says:

    Thanks, Man, now I can print exit re entry visa saudi arabia

  6. Joe says:

    Thanks, BRother,..
    This is really helpful to print exit re entry visa saudi arabia

  7. Niki says:

    finally I find this.
    thanks bro, now I can print exit re entry visa saudi arabia

  8. Ahmed says:

    Syukron, those links are useful

  9. Felipe says:

    Nice One, Po

  10. Humera Ziaulhassan says:


    this is really useful but can you tell what is the “confirmation number” they are asking for printing visa because i tried my iqama as well as passport number but no success

    • wa’alaykumussalam

      confirmation number is the number that will be sent to the cellphone number registered for your visa. If your visa is from your husband, you have to check your husband cellphone. the confirmation number is sent by sms to the registered number for your visa.

      actually, it is better to choose the first option (“visa validity”).

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