Extend Visit Visa Saudi Arabia Online

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Easy Way to Extend Visit Visa Saudi Arabia Online

Have you registered to Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior website? If no, I suggest you to register now. It is really important for you who stay in Saudi Arabia.

If you don’t know how to register, please be free to read my past post about that.

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In my last post about Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior, it was stated that by register to that website, you can do :
Query Traffic Violations
Query Available Funds
Query Health Insurance
Query Hajj Eligibility
Sponsoree Services
Dependent Services
Query Vehicle Insurance

Just now, the Ministry added one more facility. Now, by online trough the website (www.moi.gov.sa), you can Extend Visit Visa Saudi Arabia for your relatives who are visiting in the Kingdom.

Thank you, Saudi Arabian’s Government!

4 Responses

  1. Yer says:

    My mother’s visit visa will expire during Haj’s holidays. Can I still use the on line renewal of visit visa in MOI wesite?

    • I have never experience this before.
      But you can try before the days come, just to be safe…
      I hope you succeed…

    • Yer says:

      I received this message from MOI yesterday. Hopefully it will be as advised.

      my query: during Haj’s Holidays, on line renewal of visit visa is active/working?

      MOI replied : Dear,

      Thank you for contacting iMOI helpdesk, we would like to inform you that you can extend visit visa Based on the service rules through e-service.

      Your satisfaction is our top priority.

      With Kind Regards,
      Ministry of Interior e-services Helpdesk
      Email: helpdesk@moi.gov.sa

    • Very nice, thank you so much,…

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