How to Arrange Family Visa Saudi Arabia

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Commonly, expatriates living in Saudi Arabia want to bring their family to the Kingdom. Some of them said that they want to make the family happy, to perform umrah and hajj together and so many other reasons. Anyway, to bring the family to live in Saudi Arabia permanently, the expatriates need Family Visa Saudi Arabia.

To arrange Family Visa Saudi Arabia, you can follow these following steps :

    1. Make sure you have your Iqama ready. This will happen after you work in Saudi Arabia for 2 months. Some people can get it after 1 week only.
    2. Make sure that your profession in your Iqama is eligible to bring family. The professions that eligible to bring family are stated in my Previous Post
    3. Prepare your family’s passports.¬†Ask your family to scan them and send them to you.
    4. Prepare for your Educational Certificate, Marriage Certificate and Children Birth Certificate, Make them translated in Arabic, attested by the Saudi Embassy in home country then ask your family to send the original to you.
    5. Purchase the Family Visa. It costs you for SAR 2000,00.
    6. Prepare and fill a special form to bring family from Jawazat
    7. Prepare your last salary slip
    8. Company recognition letter attested by Chamber of Commerce
    9. Bring all documents with the copies to Jawazat to get Yellow Slip. Scan this slip then send it to your home country.
    10. Prepare the plane ticket. Usually, purchasing ticket from Saudi is cheaper.
    11. Prepare Original Passport of the family, photo (4×6) @ 5 sheet, Immunization Certificate (children), Marriage Certificate and Wife’s Medical Test Report.
    12. Now you can ask your family to go to Saudi.

For more simple explanation, please see the following chart.

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01 how-to-bring-family-to-saudi-arabia Family Visa Saudi Arabia

Please contact the admin officer in your company to assist you, this will make everything easier, in shaa Allah.

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6 Responses

  1. Hello Sir,
    it’s me again, i was the one who ask for you about family visa.. I applied and then they rejected it, instead they are giving me visit visa only. I didn’t accept it, I said I will come back. and then I have my own Abshir account, then I saw my e-dashboard there that my profile details is not updated. That my marital status is Not married, and my passport is expired. I already renewed it. So, Sir is there possibility that it is one of the factors that they rejected my application for permanent family visa of my husband? My salary certificate is 4000sr and my employer put there that I have my free accomodation. and my profession in Iqama and also indicated in my Abshir account is General Nurse. or Sir, I have read some that it depends on the mood of the officer?..

    • First thing you should do is to update the abshir information. You can do it by yourself. You can apply to abshir by using this instruction : .

      When there are several person saying “it’s based on the officers’ mood”, it might be correct. But actually it has standard. I suggest you to try in different locket/window. Send your application to the other officers. Some of my friends can do it.

      Actually, the ultimate way is to ask your management to take care of all this thing. This has 100% chance to succeed.

    • So Sir, you mean to say Our HR can apply my application without me?

    • You will have to sign for several documents.
      Every other thing will be completed by your company representative.
      You will be following up the process later to your company’s officer in charge.
      This is only when you get approval from your HR Manager or your other higher managers.
      Be sure to make a good story to your manager.
      I hope you succeed.

    • thank you so much Sir. I really appreciate it.

    • You’re always welcome…

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