Final Exit Visa Saudi Arabia

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This article is about Final Exit Visa Saudi Arabia. Working in Saudi Arabia is only for temporary. You know that this country is actually not quite ideal for family, especially for women. A woman cannot go outside the house by herself. She has to be accompanied by somebody from his family. If not, it is too dangerous. We knew that there are several women harassment lately. So, may be someday you will need to take care the final exit visa saudi arabia.

To take care of the Final Exit Visa Saudi Arabia, you need to watch over these following things :

Resignation Notice Period.

You have to watch carefully about this resignation notice period. The period is usually 30 days before the day you will go to your original country.

Evacuation of Apartment / House.

You have to take care of your apartment. If you have thing broken when you are in the apartment, you have to fix it. Otherwise the owner will be angry. This can be really quite problem if you cannot manage it well.

Disconnect Landline and Post Paid Sim Cards.

You cannot leave this country as long as you have these things. So, watch these carefully. If not, you will be held in airport.

Pay the Electricity Bill.

The bill is usually in your apartment owner. If you leave if unpaid, you might not have any problem. But it is not a good idea. You have to be responsible for what you did (order).

Pay the Traffic Fines.

This is actually very important. Just check your MOI account regularly. Check the MOI website with your account before you leave this country. If you still have things to finish, you will not be able to leave from the airport to your country.

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Sell the Car.

It is impossible to leave Saudi Arabia as long as you have a Car in your identity. You have to clear it. Sell it to somebody else. is a good website to sell your car. Or you can go to any facebook community in Saudi Arabia. The simplest way is to go to a buy-sell company. But usually, in that company you will get small price for the car.

Close the Credit Cards.

Close your Credit Cards. Pay all of the bills. It is a good idea actually if you never had a credit card. Just take care.

Send personal goods to country by cargo.

You might not be able to sell all of your goods. It is impossible also to bring them all to your country. In this case, send them to your country using cargo. This will help you alot. The airplane cargo is limited. Cargo is best way.

Withdraw all money in bank before issuance of final exit visa.

This case is same as credit card. You have to take all of the money before the final exit visa saudi arabia is confirmed. Otherwise, the money will be gone forever.

Valid time to leave Saudi Arabia.

You have to leave saudi Arabia in time. Otherwise you will be judge as illegal worker. This is dangerous. Super dangerous.

Get the Stamped Final Exit Visa Saudi Arabia.

Do not forget to stamp. Some companies forget to give the employee the visa. so, ask them to give you the copy. The stamped one.

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I hope this information about Final Exit Visa Saudi Arabia useful for you. Please subscribe for updates. Have a nice day!

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  1. shahzad says:

    I have company visa named ( shrika.tu.saraco) ..2 years agrement…i want to come on leave after 6 months..only for 1 week. Is that posible????

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