Floor Hardener for Concrete Floor Finishing (Methods)

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This article is about concrete floor finishing using concrete floor hardener. In a concrete pouring of a concrete slab, usually we use floor hardener. Floor hardener is a kind of material which has shape just like cement powder. Floor Hardener is applied when concrete slab still wet. So, after puring the concrete, the worker will level the concrete based on the design. After the slab is level, but still wet, the workers will pour the floor hardener powder evenly to all area on the wet concrete slab. Then, the workers will make the slab smooth using trowel.

concrete floor finishing using concrete floor hardener - wwwDOTfloortechconstructionDOTcom

Floor Hardening, Credit Pict : wwwDOTfloortechconstructionDOTcom

Floor Hardener is applied to make the surface of the slab harder, flat and smooth. This material can make the concrete stronger and minimize the dust on the slab. Floor Hardener is usually used on garage floor, parking area, factory floor.

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The advantages of concrete floor finishing using concrete floor hardener are as below :

  1. The concrete slab will be more durable.
  2. Economic as the floor age will be long lasting.
  3. No need more maintenance.
  4. Minimum dust.

How to do concrete floor finishing using concrete floor hardener? Please check the below steps :

  1. Powder of floorhardener is spreaded on surface of concrete floor while setting. The surface of concrete floor is leveled before to design elevation.
  2. First leveling is using tools made of aluminium, steel or something else. Second leveling is smoothing process of the surface by means of wooden trowel.
  3. After the concrete have strong enough to be loaded, the powder is spreaded and leveled at the same time of surface levelling.
  4. The Powder is applied not less than what is needed, to ensure all of the powder reacted with water from the concrete surface.
  5. The last leveling is using steel trowel and machine trowel to finish the work more speed.

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