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Free download MP3 Quran | This article will lead you to Quran ayat mp3 free download. The Noble Quran is the holy book of moslem. Moslem believe that Quran is the ultimate and the last message of Allah for human. Quran is a part of the pillars of faith in Islam. Quran is delivered to people by Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) through Gabrielle. The first part of Quran which is received by Prophet Mohammed is Surah Al-‘Alaq ayah 1-5.

Free Download MP3 Quran

Quran stand - free download MP3 Quran per page full (Syeikh Mishary Rashid)

The word “Quran” is from arabic word which means “something to be read” or “something to be read repeatedly”. The word Quran also came from noun (masdar) which is from verb qara’a which means “to read”.

The Noble Quran has several names, they are :

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  1. Al Kitab
  2. Al Furqan
  3. Adz Dzikr
  4. Al Mau’idhah
  5. Al Hukm
  6. Al Hikmah
  7. Asy Syifa’
  8. Al-Huda
  9. At Tanzil
  10. Al Rahmah
  11. Ar Ruh
  12. Al Bayan
  13. Al Kalam
  14. Al Busyra
  15. An Nur
  16. Al Basha’ir
  17. Al Balagh
  18. Al Qaul

The Noble Quran consists of 114 Surah or 6666 Ayah. It is devided into two major classification based on the place where it went down to Prophet Mohammed, they are : Surah Makkiyah (in Makkah) and Surah Madaniyah (in Madinah)

For moslem, memorizing the content of the Quran is a must. One of the methods for memmorizing quran is by listening to someone reciting Quran. If you want free download MP3 Quran per page full (Syeikh Mishary Rashid), please click the following link.

Quran al karim mp3 free download

Download Al Quran PDF

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