How to go to Surakarta, from outside Indonesia

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29 Keraton Surakarta

So, did you read the post about places to visit in Surakarta, Indonesia? Now I will tell you how to go to Surakarta, from outside Indonesia.

If you want to go to Surakarta, from outside Indonesia, the easiest thing to do is to go to Jakarta first. Then you can go to the city by airplane.

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The flight from Jakarta to Surakarta will cost you around USD 50-100 for economy class. It differs according to the airplane company. Garuda Indonesia Airlines perhaps will take most expensive cost, while Sriwijaya Airlines perhaps will take the cheapest cost.

After arrived in the city, you can stay in a hotel that cost you very cheap. With only USD 30, you can stay in a clean hotel for a night. For local transportation in Surakarta, you can use Taxi (written : Taksi) or City Bus.

If you finish your visit in Surakarta, you can go to so many other tourism spots around the city, such as Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, Jumog Waterfall, etc.

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