Green Roof Benefits

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This post is about Green Roof Benefits. When the temperature of the world is getting higher and higher, we need to do something to reduce it. We need something to improve the quality of the air that we inhale. The idea of applying green roof is really nice to do. There are many Green Roof benefits that we can get. If every home or building apply this green roof, we can expect something great for the quality of the air.

What is Green Roof?

Green roof is actually roof that is filled by vegetation. We basically plant the vegetation on the roof. We apply it to the waterproofing layer. There are actually three kind of green roof, they are : intensive, semi-intensive and extensive. This classification is based on its amount of input required in terms of irrigation, nutrients and maintenance to keep the green roof flourishing. Intensive green roof tends to be well manicured and need significant input. Extensive green roof needs only minimal input.

What are Green Roof Benefits?

Green Roof maintains Water and Sustainable Drainage.

The first of Green Roof Benefits is in Water and Sustainable Drainage. It contributes in storm water management and pollution control. The water will not directly be gone. The green roof will conserve the water. This potentially reduce the possibility of flood from happening in city. The water we conserved from this roof can be used as drinking water, but the water should meet some processes first.

Green Roof works as Thermal Control.

Green roof can works just like an isolator of heat. It maintains the building temperature. When it is hot, it will not be too hot. When it is cold, it will not be really cold. The buildings which use the green roofs will be really comfortable to live in. Basically, Green roof is just like Air Conditioner. This means that we can save the use of Air Conditioner by using this Green Roof.

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Green Roof leads to Biodiversity.

Where there is an ecosystem, there will be life. This green roofs lead to biodiversity. It provide life environment. If you plant flowers, you might invite bees or butterflies. This is really nice.

Green Roof is a good Sound Insulation.

As written above that green roof can work as heat isolation, this can work as sound insulation. The concepts are same. This might work better than the conventional sound insulation. How much will be the size of sound reduction? I think there should be researches about this. This advantage mean that Green Roof is good for buildings that needs silence, such as hospitals and schools.

Green Roof means study.

Why this means study? Because schools need a kind of “plant laboratory”. Instead of going outside to somewhere really far, the students can simply go to the roof and check for the plants. They can study vegetation on the roof of their schools. This will save money, time and energy.

Green Roof Benefits - Green Roof concept

Seeing those Green Roof benefits, do you want to apply Green Roof to your house? Well, I think I will apply this to my future house. I am really excited of this concept. So, pray me! hehe. Please subscribe for updates. Thanks!

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