Hajj Without Permit

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Hajj without permit is forbidden in Saudi Arabia. If you perform Hajj without permit or tasreeh, you will get a kind of punishment. If you get caught by the officer for hajj, your fingerprint will be taken and recorded. Then after that, you will be deported to your home country.

Based on my friend’s experience who tried to perform Hajj without permit, it is actually quite dangerous. You have to pass mountain, or dessert to go inside Makkah. Still, you will not be able to go inside Makkah, because the police officers are everywhere.

If you get caught by the police officer, you will be asked whether to perform Hajj or to go back to your home. If you want to continue your Hajj without permit, your fingerprint will be recorded. At this condition, you will not be able to renew your iqama. The absher system has blocked it. You will just wait for the deportation.

Not only that, if you perform hajj without permit, you will be banned for 10 years for entering Saudi Arabia. This is not a good situation, especially if you are a moslem.

If when the Police Officer caught you, then you decide to go back home and cancel the hajj without permit, you will be safe. So I suggest you not to try to perform Hajj without Permit. This is not a good idea. The government put this rule because of the Hajj Performers’ safety. We have to understand this situation.

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hajj without permit

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