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HALLUCINOGENS EFFECTS AND EXAMPLES. This article is about Hallucinogens Effects and Examples. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about Hallucinogens Effects and Examples. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

Hallucinogens Effects and Examples

Individuals who use hallucinogens can develop tolerance to their specific drug of choice, as well as cross-tolerance to other types of similar hallucinogens. For instance, a chronic user of LSD may experience diminished effects when using psilocybin or peyote.

There is limited research available as to the long-term health effects of hallucinogen abuse, but there are two conditions that have been documented.

  • Persistent psychosis: Chronic psychotic symptoms that don’t dissipate once intoxication wears off. These symptoms include paranoia, mood and visual disturbances, and disorganized thought.
  • Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD): Characterized by the re-experiencing of symptoms experienced while under the influence of a hallucinogen (i.e., “flashbacks”). These symptoms could include hallucinations, intensified colors, and other visual disturbances.

MDMA, or Ecstasy, is a unique hallucinogen that also possesses stimulant qualities and can have a number of long-term consequences. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) reports effects associated with nervous system toxicity, such as:

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  1. Persistent memory impairments.
  2. Psychological dysfunction.
  3. Imbalance of hormone production.
  4. Serotonin malfunction.
  5. Sleep problems.
  6. White matter damage in the brain.
  7. Damage to axons, which impacts impulse conduction.
  8. Decreased connectivity between brain areas.


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