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Helical Piles Cost – This article is about helical piles cost. In this article we are trying to provide you complete information about helical piles cost. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

helical piles cost

Helical Piles Cost

I was intrigued by helical piles technology, but everyone I’ve spoken to says they’re more money than conventional concrete. Actually, this was wrong. On face value, the cost of the concrete and tube are minimal and are way cheaper than any helical pile. But when you factor in the time to excavate, cost to relocate spoils and/or backfill time to wait for an inspection, time to place the concrete, time waiting for concrete to cure, and the fact that you have no idea if the soil you just placed those sonotubes in is actually capable of bearing the load, helical piles win every time.

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With a helical pile, there is no excavation. There are no inspections because they are engineered post installation based on the installation report and are guaranteed.

Prices for installed helical piles start around $150 per pile and get more expensive commensurate with the loading requirements.

Techno Metal Post P1

Make sure you look at the right product. The old helical PIERS (basically an auger that you leave in the ground) are definitely way expensive and almost never worth it. The newer Techno Metal Posts are definitely worth looking into.

The smallest Techno Metal Post P1 can handle up to a 6800 pound load which is more than DOUBLE what that 14″ sonotube is estimated to take. Each dealer sets their own pricing, but it’s probably around $150 give or take.

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