Hijazi (Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah) Proverbs

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Every tribe or region in all over the world, has special proverbs that applies only in that special region.

In Hijaz, Jeddah-Makkah-Madinah region, the Hijazi (The people of Hijaz) have several nice proverbs.

Here they are :
Arabic : Reja’at Halimah Li’adataha Al-qadimah
English : Halima returned to her old habit

Arabic : Al-‘ain Ma Ti’la ‘ala al-hajib
English : The eyes will never rise above the eyebrow

Arabic : In fatak al hajj.. itmaragh fi tourabouh
English : if you missed hajj, it’s better to do good deeds

Arabic : Heen girshak wa la teheen nafsak
English : It’s better insult your money, than insulting yourself

Arabic : Sammouk misahar gallouh : Khallas Ramadhan
English : The named you Mesihrati : after the the conclusion of Ramadhan

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Arabic : Khoud ma safi wa atrouk ma tikadar
English : take what is best, and leave what makes you upset

Arabic : Habibak yemdoughlak al zalat wi ‘adwak yi’aoudlak al-ghalat
English : Your lovers chews gravel for you, and your enemies amend your mistakes

Arabic :Laji ‘ain tikram madinah
English : for an eye, city honors

Arabic : Kannes baytak wi roushoush ma ti’ref meen youkhoushouh
English : clean your house, you do not know who is going to visit

well, I got this proverb from one Saudi Tourism booklet I don’t know who published it before.

By the way, I don’t understand some of them. But the last proverb, perhaps I should do it.

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