How long does mortar take to dry

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How long does mortar take to dry ? This question is often asked by a new comer in construction. When a person want to build a brick wall, he or she needs to know when the mortar will dry.

How long does mortar take to dry ?

After you construct a brick wall using mortar, you will need to cure it. You need to splash water on it. When you splash the water on it, the mortar should be in a set condition. You can not do it when it is still wet and not set.

How long does mortar take to dry ? It is actually depended on the weather in your location. If you are living in Saudi Arabia or other places with dry weather, it will need not more that one day to set for the mortar. If you are living in Indonesia where the weather is quite wet, you will need 24-48 hours to wait until the mortar for the brick construction dry. If you are referring the mortar which is use for floor or slab, I think it would be around 28 days. It can be faster if you put additive in it.

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how long does mortar take to dry

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