How Saudi Arabia gets water

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Saudi Arabia is very big and rich country. It has much oil. Almost around 85% of all area in Saudi Arabia is basically a dessert.

In Saudi Arabia, there are not many water source. That’s why it’s quite hard to plant trees in Saudi Arabia. So, how Saudi Arabia gets water to supply the needs of the citizens?

how saudi arabia gets water

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Actually, Saudi Arabia has its own water source. In Riyadh, we can find a cave with so much water in it. In Mekkah, we can find Zam-Zam well. This Zam-Zam well supply the people the best water in the world. Zam-zam water is the best anti-oxidant in the world. We can find the videos in youtube if you want to know how Zam-zam water works in healing.

In other places in Saudi Arabia which have no water source, the government provides water supply from destilled water as I wrote several months ago. You can read it by clicking this following link.


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