How Saudi Arabia ruined Hajj

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Wow, the title is quite hot, No? I felt like so many people think that Saudi Arabia ruined hajj. This is especially since 2013.

Hajj performer - how saudi arabia ruined hajj

Saudi Arabia, since 2013, apply a new rule for hajj with better or more discipline implementation. It applies the tasyrikh checking more strictly.

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Tasyrikh is the gate pass for entering Makkah in Hajj season. Since 2013, if you go for hajj without Tasyrikh, the guard will ask you whether you want to continue your hajj with all of the consequences, or go back to your house and cancel the hajj.

At this rate, if you choose to continue to perform Hajj without tasyrikh, the guard will take your fingerprint. This means you will not be able to renew your iqama. This thing really happens. Some of my friends face this problem.

So, this is why so many people thought that Saudi Arabia ruined hajj. But, actually, for me, this is good. Why? because if Tasyrikh System is not implemented well, Makkah will be overloaded by the people who want to do Hajj. This will affect the security and safety of the Hajj performers themselves.

For this reason, I support Saudi Arabia to implement the Tasyrikh System.

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