How to Add Cost in Primavera P6 | Cost Loading in Primavera P6

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How to Add Cost in Primavera P6? This article is a step by step guide How to Add Cost in Primavera P6. In this article we are providing you an example of cost loading in Primavera P6 schedule. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. After reading this tutorial, you will understand how to work using expenses in P6 and the budgeted total cost in Primavera P6. Please check the information below.

How to Add Cost in Primavera P6

If you are looking for ways to assign costs to activities in Oracle Primavera P6 without creating a global resource for every item, then you may find the Expenses feature useful. A project expense can be many things: administration, travel, consulting, software, facilities, training, you name it. The Expenses tool is also ideal for project-specific material items, such as custom built items that need to be identified in the schedule, but again, don’t really belong in the resource pool.

The project sample below is a straightforward heat exchanger repair project. We are replacing the damaged tubing in the heat exchanger as displayed in the schedule.

how to add cost in primavera p6 1

The activities are all sequential and have the classic Finish-to-Start relationship. Resources are assigned to all the activities from the global list of generic resources.

how to add cost in primavera p6 2

As part of this project, we would like to describe the large expense of the heat exchanger tubing that needs to be installed. As this tubing is unique to this particular heat exchanger, we do not want to list it as a global generic material resource. Rather we want to list it as a line item project specific material expense.

You can enter project-specific material costs, and other non-resource based costs using the ‘Expenses’ tab in the bottom Details area.

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how to add cost in primavera p6 3

Click the + Add button at the bottom left of the screen. Enter the Expense Item name and the Expense Category.

how to add cost in primavera p6 4

For this example the Accrual Type is Uniform over the Activity, although you can accrue at the start or finish of the activity if required. In our example, the Budgeted Units is one. We are only replacing the tubing in one heat exchanger. The Price/Unit is the cost of the tubing, which for our example is $14,000. Type in the vendor name. We are essentially done! The only remaining task is to add a ‘Budgeted Expense Cost’ column and ‘Budgeted Total Cost’ column to your Activities view.

how to add cost in primavera p6 5

Now we have listed the labor cost, project specific material expense cost, and budgeted total cost in Primavera P6 of all activities and project.

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