How to Change Calendar in Primavera P6

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How to Change Calendar in Primavera P6

The finish date (and time) of an activity is calculated from the start date (and time) plus the duration of the calendar associated with the activity.

Therefore, a five-day duration activity that starts at the start of the workday on a Wednesday, and is associated with a five-day workweek calendar (with Saturday and Sunday as non-work days) will finish at the end of the workday on the following Tuesday.


Primavera has three categories for calendars:

Global – These calendars are available to all Projects and Resources.
Project – These calendars are only available to the projects they are created in. These may only be created for a project when that project is open.
Resource – There are now two types of resource calendars: Personal, new to Primavera Version 8.1, and Shared, which is the same as the earlier Resource calendar.

A Personal calendar is created for a specific individual resource.

A Shared Resource calendar may be assigned to one or more Resources, which in turn may be assigned to an activity in any project.

A Resource will be scheduled according to a Resource Calendar when the Activity Type is set to Resource Dependent; otherwise the activity is scheduled according to the Activity calendar.

When an activity is made Resource Dependent, unlike in some other software, it still acknowledges the Activity Calendar for calculating the start of the resource work. Some software ignores the Activity Calendar and ONLY acknowledges the resource calendars when an activity is made resource-driven. You may wish to consider placing resource-driven activities on a 24-hour, 7-day per week calendar in circumstances when resource calendars have start times that are earlier in the day than the activity calendar start times. This prevents a delay to start of resource-driven activities by an Activity Calendar.

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You may create a new, or edit an existing, calendar to reflect your project requirements, such as adding holidays or additional workdays or adjusting work times. For example, some activities may have a 5-day per week calendar and some may have a 7-day per week calendar.

This chapter covers the following topics:

How to Change Calendar in Primavera P6

In P6, project activities often require a different calendar from the default Project Calendar that is assigned in the Project Information form. Primavera enables each activity to be assigned a unique calendar.

An Activity Calendar may be assigned by the General tab of the Bottom Layout or by displaying the Calendar column.

Assigning a Calendar Using General Tab of the Bottom Layout Form

Select one activity that you want to assign to a different calendar. Multiple activity selection may not be used. Open the General tab of the Bottom Layout,
Click on the icon in the Activity Calendar box to open the Select Activity Calendar form,
Select either Global or Project from the drop down list in the top left menu, and
Select an Activity calendar by clicking the icon.

Assigning a Calendar Using a Column

You may also display the Calendar column and edit the activity calendar from this column. The process of displaying a column is covered in the Formatting the Display chapter.

Edit, Fill Down may be used to assign a new calendar to multiple selected activities.


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